LRSG Road Gravel Requirements

Rescued from the recycle bin

By Brady Jones
Lyman-Richey Communications

At the University of Denver math department, Louis Krupp is known as "The Bookman" because he routinely brings books in and leaves them on a table with a sign inviting anyone to take one.

Krupp, of Boulder, Colo., said since 2003 he has rescued books from a bin at a local recycle center near the Boulder Emergency Squad building he works in.
"I used to rent a truck every so often and haul a ton or two of books to libraries or universities," Krupp said. "I got to see a few parts of the country I probably never would have seen otherwise."

In one of the books, Krupp found a hand-sized booklet with "Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel" on it. Inside are several dimension conversion tables that would tell a customer how much gravel material they would need to order for a road.

Krupp wanted to save the pamphlet, so he got in touch with Jeff Gromowsky, vice president of adminitration, and sent it on to the corporate office.

Though we don't know the pamphlet's exact date, we do know it's from sometime between 1942 and 1960. According to the city records, the company moved to the 750 National Bank Building address between 1941 and 1942, and Omaha switched to the
seven-digit phone number system in 1960.