Cancino Adame Takes Top Prize in Backing Challenge

Jesus Cancino Adame.jpg

Closest to the Barricade
Jesus Cancino Adame (Siouxland)

Matt Schlup.jpg

Best Score/Time — Concrete
Matt Schlup (Cohron — Carson)

Pat Gronenthal.jpg

Best Score/Time — Sand & Gravel
Pat Gronenthal (Central — Hauling Fleet)

Thirty-four drivers scored 50 points in this year's backing training challenge put on by the Lyman-Richey Corporation safety department. 

The drivers with the top score and fastest time in each division - concrete and sand and gravel - were awarded a $50 Lyman-Richey Corp. clothing voucher, as was the driver who came closest to the tables without hitting them. 

This year, Jesus Cancino Adame of Siouxland (South Sioux City) was the closest to the barricade, coming within 1/4 inch.

Matt Schlup of Cohron (Carson) had the best score and time in the concrete division, and Pat Gronenthal of the Central Sand and Gravel hauling fleet won the sand and gravel division.

The competition helps drivers with their depth perception when backing trucks up at job sites. The closer the trucks got to the overturned tables, the more points they were awarded. Drivers had to get within 6 inches to receive 50 points, the most possible. 

Drivers were also timed as they pulled a truck away from a starting position and then backed into a coned-off area and up to the overturned tables.

"We run over forms, we run over anything that can get in the way. And you've just got to have a depth perception," said Field Safety Specialist Peyton Connelly, who ran the competition with Safety Administrator George Claxton.


Matt Schlup (Standard) - 00:30.4
Pat Soukup (Ready Mixed) - 00:34.4
Scott Meyers (Shamrock) - 00:35.8
John Finch (Ready Mixed) - 00:37.0
Chris Maddux (Ready Mixed) - 00:40.6
Tyrone Kartchner (Ready Mixed) - 00:42.2
Roger Ites (Ready Mixed) - 00:44.6
Jerry Summers Sr. (Gerhold) - 00:44.8
Walter Kerbel (Gerhold) - 00:45.6
Lynn Saltzman (Gerhold) - 00:45.7
Ricky McCoy (Ready Mixed) - 00:49.4
Roman Kleinschmit (Gerhold) - 00:50.4
David Taylor (Gerhold) - 00:53.7
Bailey Ritterbush (Gerhold) - 00:54.3
Michael McGee (Ready Mixed) - 00:56.9
David Tegarden (Gerhold) - 00:57.5
Raymundo Oropeza Mora (Siouxland) - 00:58.5
Jesus Cancino Adame (Siouxland) - 01:00.5
Norton Mendoza (Ready Mixed) - 01:01.1
Anthony Krutina (Ready Mixed) - 01:01.9
Anthony Chauvin (Gerhold) - 01:03.7
Kent Jenkins (Ready Mixed) - 01:06.9
Larry Kluckman (Siouxland) - 01:07.2
Travis McGowan (Ready Mixed) - 01:08.7
Sergio Lara Rodriguez (Ready Mixed) - 01:10.0
Steven Williams (Ready Mixed) - 01:10.5
Clyde Larcom (Ready Mixed) - 01:13.5
Arturo Cancino Adame (Siouxland) - 01:15.9
Corey McIntosh (Ready Mixed) - 01:17.7
Michael Mathews (Siouxland) - 01:18.0
Clois Walker (Ready Mixed) - 01:19.6
Jose Yepez-Gonzalez (Siouxland) - 01:21.3
Doug Cortez Gaitan (Siouxland) - 01:24.5
Juan Marinez (Siouxland) - 01:41.4