PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Park Trails, West Point, Neb.

Photo by CHUCK PEARSON/Gerhold Concrete Co.
Gerhold Concrete Co. places concrete for a trailway in West Point, Neb.'s Neligh Park.


West Point, Neb., has been updating its Wilderness Park areas with concrete trails and a paved road on the east side of the lake in order to improve access throughout the area.

Gerhold Concrete placed a half-mile section of the trail plan in Neligh Park called the F&M Bank Loop. 

"Concrete is not only a more long-term and easier to maintain option; its smooth surface will allow greater access for all individuals," the project's website says. 

For more on the project, visit the West Point Trails website.

CONCRETE: Gerhold Concrete Co.
CUSTOMER: West Point, Neb.
DATE: October 19, 2017