Lyman-Richey Safety Team Assembled

Back row, from left: Ryan Brasch (RMC-Elkhorn), Jeff Walter (Siouxland-Cherokee), Safety Administrator George Claxton, Safety Coordinator Andrea Simpson, Rose Gathje (Lyman-Richey Corp.), Robert Duff (LRSG-Waterloo), Matt Valenzuela (RMC Shop-Omaha), James Barker (Siouxland-South Sioux City), Mike Lunda (Standard-Sioux City), Field Safety Specialist Shawn Cassidy, Nick Siracuse (RMC-Millard), Field Safety Specialist Peyton Connelly
Front row: Safety Director David Dailey, Richard Foutch (Shamrock-Papillion), Shawn Wlaschin (Gerhold-Grand Island), Jesus Rojar (Gerhold-Norfolk).
Not pictured: Rob Brockhaus (Central Sand & Gravel), Chris Couch (Cohron-Glenwood), Roger Bowles (LRSG)

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A new initiative by the Lyman-Richey Corporation's award-winning safety department is a go.

The newly created Safety Alert Team had its first meeting on Sept. 11 to get to know each other and set their agendas going forward. 

They even got some homework on the first day: find a better way to secure loose items in the truck cabs. 

"We wanted to get our hourly employees more involved with our safety team," Safety Director Dave Dailey said. "They're the ones on the ground who can help spread the safety message and improve our safety culture even more."

The team will meet regularly to discuss safety issues and concerns and put forth ideas and solutions for the safety department to consider. Each member is committed to serve on the team for one year. 

"I joined the Safety Team because I have a lot of safety ideas,"  said Shawn Wlaschin of Gerhold Concrete Co. in Grand Island. "I like to help out my coworkers with safety issues and to make sure we're sending them home to their families safely every night."