Sand and Gravel Companies Honored With MSHA Safety Awards

Photo by BRADY JONES/Lyman-Richey Communications
The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration awarded four Central Sand and Gravel operations and three Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel operations Certificates of Achievement in Safety for their safety records in 2016.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration has awarded Certificates of Achievement in Safety to several Central Sand and Gravel and Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel operations for their excellent safety records in 2016.

"Our commitment to safety is clear in our company's mission statement, but we go beyond just words," Lyman-Richey Safety Director Dave Dailey said. "Honors like these show that we are successfully turning those words into actions. Our Central Sand and Lyman-Richey locations deserve the recognition for stepping up and being safety leaders within our company and examples within our industry."

MSHA has awarded these certificates to eligible mine and quarry operations since 1978. They are based on the injury and employment reports that companies are required to submit each year.

To be eligible for recognition, mining operations must report employment data every quarter; log at least 4,000 employee hours in the calendar year; and not sustain a serious work injury that results in a fatality, permanent disability, days away from work, or restricted work activity. Injury incidence rates can't be greater than the national average for each industry.

"Safety is a team effort that is determined by the good decisions and sound judgment of our field personnel on a daily basis," said Trent Mortensen, plant superintendent at the winning Linoma Pits #50 and #51. "Our plant operators and construction crew are the reason for our safety record, especially when dealing with long hours, diverse problems, and unique situations. They deserve all of the credit."

The awards are the latest in a long track record of safety honors Lyman-Richey Corporation companies have earned over the years.

Earlier this year, Lyman-Richey Corporation was named a Nebraska's Safest Company by the National Safety Council, the fifth year in a row the company has won that award.


- Columbus Pit #71 (Large Dredge Group)

20,309 hours without a lost workday injury
- Norfolk Pit #76 (Large Dredge Group)
14,693 hours without a lost workday injury
- Bellwood Pit #73 (Small Dredge Group)
7, 011 hours without a lost workday injury
- Columbus Crusher #11 (Small Bank or Pit Group)
5,119 hours without a lost workday injury

- Linoma Pit #50 (Large Dredge Group)

30,208 hours without a lost workday injury
- Linoma Pit #51 (Large Dredge Group)
13,133 hours without a lost workday injury
- Fremont Pit #45 (Small Dredge Group)
8,535 hours without a lost workday injury