SAFETY DESK: Speak Up, Listen Up




Feedback is an important tool in our culture, at work and at home.

How we give feedback is directly related to how we receive it.

If you walk up to someone and tell them to stop what they are doing and proceed to tell them everything they are doing is wrong, chances are, what you say will not be well received.

On the other hand, if you start with a simple greeting and follow up with a few questions about the task they are working on, and then bring up your concerns in a respectful manner, it will be a much better conversation.

While we can’t control how people speak to us all the time, we can control how we accept feedback.

Always listen, be open to other ideas, and understand that no matter how the conversation started, the goal is always to improve safety and prevent you from getting hurt.

Remember we all have a responsibility: When I see something, I will stop and do something.


Lyman-Richey Corporation Safety Director