SAFETY DESK: Fighting Familiarity




When an operation is performed many times, greater risks are taken because of past successes or because established limits have been ignored without a consequence.

We are in a position where our familiarity with a task and risk tolerance can have a serious impact on ourselves and the traveling public.

Service trucks, mixer trucks, bulkers, gravel trucks, and even those in company cars should always be concerned with “relaxing” or “letting our guard down” because doing so, can harm others.

Familiarity with a task and risk tolerance can also have very serious individual outcomes.

Can you think of daily tasks you do that because of your familiarity with the task, you have become complacent?

Maybe wearing your hard hat at a small job where the customer is not wearing theirs?

Or sticking your hand into the drum while it’s turning to rinse out?

Not wearing a seat belt?

The point is, we must always fight complacency, and that starts every morning when we hit the snooze button when the alarm clock goes off.


Lyman-Richey Corporation Safety Director