SAFETY DESK: Hazard Recognition


People have different ideas of what a hazard is, but in general we can all agree it is something that can be harmful.

About 10 years ago, I visited a job site late on a Friday afternoon where we were building a small power plant, and I came across the above scene.

The trenching hazard could have easily been prevented by installing the fence the proper way, but this was how the job team planned on leaving the campus roadway - used by college kids - for the weekend.

We must always ask ourselves: Can what we are doing or about to do lead to harm to us or another person?

We must prevent the hazard from becoming an injury.

Do you’re part, look for hazards in your operations, ask questions, and don’t be complacent.


Lyman-Richey Corporation Safety Director



Hazard recognition is key to preventing injuries. How many can you eliminate at work or home?

  • Never get between a moving object and stationary one

  • Never stick any part of your body near moving parts or equipment

  • Avoid pinch or crush points

  • Always use three points of contact