Hundreds Earn Wellness Gift Cards

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Once again, hundreds of Lyman-Richey Corporation employees have been working to improve their health and wellness - and earning some gift cards in the process. 

In order to earn a health insurance premium discount next year, employees must complete a biometric screening and coaching sessions with staff members at Viverae. Employees can then earn additional points by completing other health challenges and routine health appointments, such as eye exams, physicals, and visits to the dentist. 

Once employees reach a point threshold, they earn $100 gift cards. 

More than 190 employees earned giftcards in the first quarter of the year, and more than 200 earned them in the second quarter. 

"We all get busy, and it can be easy to ignore one of the most important things in our lives: our health," Benefits Specialist Kathy Snoddy said. "Through our wellness program and giftcard incentives, we're constantly encouraging our employees and their families to keep their health and well being as a top priority."

For more information, visit If you have questions about the company's wellness program, contact Kathy:

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