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This week we celebrate truck drivers, the men and women who keep America running every day. 

Sure, we're a little biased, but we think our truck drivers are pretty darn awesome. And here are just a few of the ways that's true:


1. They build our communities - literally.
Our aggregate and mixer truck drivers move the materials necessary for all the buildings and roads in our towns and neighborhoods. They play a critical role in the growth and improvement of our communities, including memorial parks, residential developments, and public water facilities. Many roads, streets, and interstate highways are paved with our concrete and gravel, and our truck drivers are the ones who get the product where it needs to go so everyone else can get where they need to go. Without them, our society's construction and progress would be extremely limited. 

2. They're hard workers.
Driving around tons of material isn't as easy as the general public might think. It requires constant vigilance to get from the plant to the job site safely. Sometimes it takes early mornings or late nights to avoid the high heat of summer days. And no project is the same, so maneuvering tricky driving conditions on the job takes careful driving skills.


3. They're winners, and have the hardware to prove it.
The Nebraska Truck Driving Championship is a great competition to test our drivers' skills. But don't think it's all fun and games - they take it very seriously. And their seriousness has paid off. Of course we think all of our drivers are winners regardless!

4. They're dedicated.
Many of our drivers have joined our prestigious list of employees with 25 years of service, and we're so thankful for their continued dedication to our company and the profession. They're what make our company great.

5. They care about more than just themselves. 
Truck drivers often go above and beyond their duties. Ours find ways to give back to the community: donating to the annual United Way fundraiser, giving to the Salvation Army and diaper drives during the holidays, and helping to protect their communities when natural disasters threaten them.

So when you see a truck driver on the road this week, give them a nod or wave and thank them for all they do.