SAFETY DESK: Get Out And Look!




Field Safety Specialist, Lyman-Richey Corporation

It’s a simple program: Get out of your truck and look around!

Nothing can replace the information that you gather from actually looking at your surroundings:

  • Look around your truck for people and equipment — with school in session, there are always curious kids around and there are always contractors moving around.

  • Identify your path of travel and ensure that it is sturdy enough for your truck — is it too muddy or soft for your truck to get there?

  • Make sure that you have adequate access to and from — For example, backing into a building without issue only to find your truck is too tall once the load is off.

  • Check for overhead and underground hazards like wires and newly buried utility boxes — It’s very common for us to be on jobsites where they recently buried utility boxes. It’s also common in older neighborhoods that the overhead utility lines sag over time.

Always remember that you are responsible for the safe operation of the truck you are driving. Part of ensuring the safety of you and your truck means you need to Get Out And Look whenever you need to back your truck up.


Discussion questions

1. Why is it important to G.O.A.L.?

2. What other suggestions can you give to fellow drivers about backing?