SAFETY DESK: The Sphere of Safety




Field Safety Specialist, Lyman-Richey Corporation

One of our safety orientation videos that everyone gets to see is a backing video that focuses on the sphere of safety. Every time I watch this video, I think to myself: “How often do I check my sphere of safety? Do I hit all my zones when I get ready to drive?”

Do I make sure that I:
• Check above
• Check below
• Check the left side
• Check the right side
• Check in front of
• Check in back of
• Underground

Are you checking all seven zones before you go to move your truck? How about when you arrive on a jobsite? The sphere of safety is important to help us stop preventable vehicle incidents, but does it stop when we park?

The sphere of safety can be helpful in everything we do:
In the office - Check around you before opening a high traffic doorway or when you are searching for something in a cabinet.
In the shop - Vehicles moving in and out, parts being staged for repairs, and hoses across the floor are all hazards that can be caught in the sphere of safety.
At the plant - When shoveling the tunnel with others, it’s very easy to strike someone or something if you are not using a sphere of safety.
At home and in public - Using a sphere of safety when walking in public or at home helps you identify hazards that could cause a slip, trip, or fall.

The sphere of safety is not only a tool for you to use at work, but it will help you prevent incidents and injuries in whatever you do. Is your safety worth taking the time and effort to make sure your sphere of safety is clear of hazards?


“That every employee returns safely to their family at the end of their shift.”

Lyman-Richey Corporation Safety Vision