SAFETY DESK: Seat Belt Safety




Field Safety Specialist, Lyman-Richey Corporation

Why is there a seat belt law?

Simply put, because seat belts save lives.

That is not an opinion. It’s a fact.

But a lot of drivers disagree, asking, “Why do we have to wear seat belts at the plant? Nothing can happen here.”

It absolutely can!

Is it worth taking a chance with your safety?

Our company policy is very simple, if you intend to move any vehicle or equipment, you will wear your seat belt as intended.


  • Always wear your seat belt so it becomes a subconscious habit

  • Buckle up before starting the vehicle

  • Make sure all passengers buckle up before moving — regardless of seating position

  • Always fasten your seat belt, no matter how far you’re traveling

  • Do not drive a vehicle or equipment without a working seat belt

  • If the seat belt does not work on the driver’s seat, the vehicle is out of service until it is repaired

  • If the passenger side seat belt does not work, no passengers can ride in that vehicle

Seat belt use is required when operating any equipment or vehicles here at Lyman-Richey Corporation — no exceptions.

Fastening your seat belt is about protecting yourself so you can go home safely to your family at the end of your shift. And if you see coworkers forgetting their seat belts, think of their friends and families, and gently remind them to buckle up to stay safe.



What do you do to ensure that you buckle up?

Why do you choose not to wear a seat belt?

What do you think CRH says about seat belt use?