Enduring Vision

     Ingenuity and enterprise have been at the core of Lyman-Richey Corporation and our subsidiaries since the early 1880s. Imagine our founder Dwight G. Lyman, who used a team of horses and a scraper to carve sand out of the banks of the Kansas River and deliver it to Lawrence via wagon.
     Through expansion and acquisitions, Lyman Sand Company grew across Nebraska and supplied materials to several surrounding states.
     In 1918, Lyman Sand bought the Richey Sand Company from Charles A. Richey, creating the Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel Company foundation we know today.

Innovative Change

    Rapid technological advancements over the years created new dredges, pumps, and steam-powered draglines. With each addition and upgrade, Lyman-Richey’s capabilities set the company apart, and its graded aggregate production was unmatched in the region. 
     The acquisition of the Ready Mixed Concrete Company in 1929 transformed our company, and we have grown into the dominant concrete supplier in the Omaha area. 
     In 1989 we nearly doubled our employee numbers after acquiring Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc., and Central Sand and Gravel Company.

Future Foundations

    Our expansion and innovation continue today. Our companies provide construction materials for projects in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Colorado with state-of-the-art production methods and delivery equipment.
     Lyman-Richey acquired Shamrock Concrete Company, Siouxland Concrete Company and Standard Ready Mix in 2001 and Cohron Ready Mix in 2002, further growing our concrete business in the region.
     The future is always unknown, but one thing is certain: We’ve come a long way since Mr. Lyman and his horses started everything more than 130 years ago.



Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel 

Lyman-Richey Sand and Gravel began as the Lyman Sand Company, which was established in 1884. In that year, the company started excavating sand from the Kaw River in Lawrence, Kans., using a clamshell and delivering it by horse and wagon. In 1892, the company moved to Nebraska where it has been based ever since.

Central Sand and Gravel Company

Central Sand and Gravel Company is based in Columbus, Neb., and has been a major supplier of aggregates in the state since 1921, when they supplied aggregates for one of the first concrete paving projects in Nebraska. Central Sand and Gravel’s pits are located throughout Nebraska and produce a variety of products.

Ready Mixed Concrete Co.

Ready Mixed Concrete Co. has supplied concrete and related materials to the Omaha area since 1929. The company operates nine plants in Nebraska and Iowa and has more than 350 employees. Using state-of-the-art production and delivery methods, the company can supply whatever the project demands, from residential construction to high-volume paving projects or highly technical commercial construction.

Gerhold Concrete
Company, inc.

Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc., is based in Columbus, Neb., and is a supplier of ready mixed concrete, concrete block, precast concrete, brick, and other building materials throughout Nebraska and Iowa. Gerhold has been serving the construction industry in Nebraska since 1869.

Shamrock Concrete Company

Shamrock Concrete Company has supplied ready mixed concrete to contractors and homeowners in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area since 1956. Originally formed as McCann Concrete Company, it was renamed Shamrock Concrete Company in 1978. Lyman-Richey Corporation acquired the assets of Shamrock Concrete Company in 2001.

Siouxland Concrete Co.

Siouxland Concrete Company is based in South Sioux City, Neb. It was formed in 2001 after the acquisition of a single ready mixed concrete plant previously operated by Wilson Concrete Company.

Standard Ready Mix

Standard Ready Mix operates as a division of Siouxland Concrete and operates plants in northwest Iowa, and Vermillion, S.D. 

Cohron Ready Mix

Based in southwest Iowa, Cohron Ready Mix supplies ready mixed concrete to its customers from plants located in Glenwood, Carson, and Avoca. Cohron Ready Mix has been part of the Lyman-Richey Corporation family of companies since 2002.


Lyman-Richey Corporation

2625 South 158th Plaza
Omaha, NE, 68130
(402) 558-2727

Cohron Ready Mix

Avoca, IA (712) 343-6397
Carson, IA (712) 484-2202
Glenwood, IA (712) 527-4696

Gerhold Concrete Company, Inc.

Blair, NE (402) 533-4599
Columbus, NE (402) 564-2857
Fremont, NE (402) 727-1800
Grand Island, NE (308) 382-2032
Hartington, NE (402) 254-6622
Hastings, NE (402) 461-4000
Laurel, NE (402) 256-9905
McCook, NE (308) 345-5610
Missouri Valley, IA (712) 642-3213
Norfolk, NE (402) 371-9610
Osmond, NE (402) 748-3066
Seward, NE (402) 643-3647
Wayne, NE (402) 375-1101
West Point, NE (402) 372-3200
Wisner, NE (402) 529-6149

Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel

 Fremont, NE  (402) 721-4262
Gretna, NE (402) 332-0168
Plattsmouth, NE (402) 298-8180
Waterloo, NE (402) 359-2522
Valley, NE (402) 359-4119

Central Sand and Gravel Company

Bellwood, NE (402) 538-3875
Columbus, NE (402) 564-2441
Grand Island, NE (308) 382-5555
Norfolk, NE (402) 371-8777
St. Paul, NE (308) 754-4535

Ready Mixed Concrete Co.

7th & Seward, Omaha (402) 557-3851
36th & L Sts., Omaha (402) 557-3852
Bellevue, NE (402) 557-3856
Chalco, NE (402) 557-3857
Council Bluffs, IA (402) 557-3858
Council Bluffs South (712) 366-0545
Elkhorn, NE (402) 557-4892
Gretna, NE (402) 332-3958
Millard, NE (402) 557-3859

Shamrock Concrete Company

Gretna, NE (402) 332-3343
Papillion, NE (402) 339-5676
Plattsmouth, NE (402) 296-6242

Siouxland Concrete Co. and Standard Ready Mix

Cherokee, IA (712) 225-1215
Mapleton, IA (712) 882-2606
Maurice, IA (712) 567-4649
Onawa, IA (712) 423-1148
Sheldon, IA (712) 324-5136
Sioux City, IA (712) 252-1807
South Sioux City, NE (402) 494-4248