5 QUICK TIPS: Applying for Our Jobs


Applying for a job is no easy task - at least it shouldn't be if you're really doing it right. 

Those on the hiring side of the table understand that, but when they're sorting through several applicants for one job, the little things matter. 

"It's important to pay close attention when filling out our applications," says Lyman-Richey Recruiter Rye Roberts. "Otherwise you might get overlooked for positions that you'd otherwise be a fit for."

Our human resources team offers five tips for filling out our job applications:

1. USE a Computer

Mobile phones are wondrous things, but they can introduce many problems when applying for jobs. The smaller screens don't always flow the application forms correctly and can make it much more difficult for you to answer the questions without typos and errors. Larger computer screens and keyboards can really help ensure your applications are accurate and error-free.

2. ANSWER All Required Questions

The forms will highlight questions that require an answer - and typically they won't let you advance the application unless you've answered those - but there are times the form may miss those leading to an incomplete application. We don't accept any incomplete applications, so make sure you've answered everything required.


3. Have Your Info Ready

There are a lot of questions on our job application, and having as much information handy before you start will make the process faster and help ensure you don't miss any required sections. It's a good idea to have things like license numbers; a resume that includes your work history, education background, and references; and details about any past citations or convictions.


4. Know about the Job You're Applying For

It will help your chances if you know a bit about the job you're trying to land. For example: If a question asks about the hours you're available to work, and you put down 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. because those are the ideal hours you'd like to work, but many of our driver positions can start at 5 a.m., hiring managers will likely pass on your application.


5. Be Honest and Truthful

If you have past citations or convictions or have restrictions or endorsements on your licenses, acknowledge them. We WILL find them in the background check anyway, and if you've left them off, it gives the impression you have something to hide. It's better to be upfront about everything from the start.