LRSG Promotional Paperweight


Lyman-Richey Corporation Communications

Normally a bunch of sand on your desk would be a major annoyance. 

But wrapped in a small leather sack, it makes a pretty great paperweight around the office.

At least that was probably the plan when Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel had the palm-sized pouches made up for promotional purposes back in the day.

This version, in excellent condition, was sent to the Lyman-Richey Corporation offices by James Stout of Omaha, who said his mother had given it to him at some point. 

"That lil' guy had to have come from either a thrift or antique store in Burt County, or she got it in Fremont," he said. 

Because Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel wasn't incorporated until 1935 and the company was located at the address printed on the sack until 1940, we know it had to have come from some time in there. 

In any case, the paperweight can still do its job wonderfully even all these years later.